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Fanfic finished :D - fiendishrogue
May 20th, 2008
04:21 pm


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Fanfic finished :D
Haven't posted here in a while but i've been busy on other projects.

Asoiaf fanfic for asoiaf_exchange is done, 4924 words are in the hands of a beta reader :D
Have more notes for my gritty modern supers, odyssey and a new noir concept that might be meshed with the supers. I blame watching Brick for the addition of noir, but my, that was a good and very enjoyable flick :)

I've now finished reading Transmetropolitan for the first time, and was blown away by it, such a good story and an entertaining read. Also read Fell and in the middle of re-reading the Authority. Mr Ellis is great, though I love the way certain aspects always creep through in the stories he writes. I blame him for wanting to make some of my ideas translate in to the comic format. I have no idea how to accomplish that one, as whilst I am ok and have even tested writing a comic in the 9 panel grid etc, i can't draw for toffee :s Still, Fell is a minimalist style, so perhaps I can throw something together, at the very least do it for my own secret portfolio. I'm still thinking of doing another 101 in 1001. The problem here of course being that i've accompished rather a lot this year already so it's difficult to think of things to put on the list.

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