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Watching - fiendishrogue
April 7th, 2008
01:28 pm


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Ok so i've been in search of a watch for a good couple of weeks now. I haven't actually worn one for 10 years or so now, but increasingly it's becoming more tedious to locate and turn on my mobile just to find out the time. Plus, being a dad makes me think I really do need to have a watch now. My counter-culture 'sod what the time is' attitude appears to have completely dwindled away now! My only issue here is finding a watch I want to wear. Now I'm the first one to admit i'm hard to please when it comes to picking things for me. DVDs, books etc all have to be carefully considered. When it comes to something permanent and *gasp* something I'm going to wear all the time *swoon* then I become finicky to the max. This is proving somewhat problematic in finding a simple device that tells the time. I'd really like something unique (yes ok, an obvious statement there) and therein lies the main issue.

I started by looking at some of the binary watches available, that require some decoding in order to tell the time. No problem for me really as I work in Networking, so binary is second nature, and after all I doubt it takes much more than practice for anyone to learn to tell the time with one of those. But I simply don't like the available designs, open circuitboards and the like remove what elegance there can be had in such an unusual way of displaying the time. Tokyo Flash has an outstanding collection of futuristic looking watches, some of which I do quite like. The only problem here is the one I like 'Shinshoku', is now only available with a red/yellow/green LED colour scheme, whereas I would like the pure red LED ones, which are of course sold out :(

Ideally I'd like a leather cuff or 'non-feminine-looking bracelet' thing (if such an item even exists!) that has the time light up on it when a button is depressed, but otherwise looks just like a normal accessory. There are plenty of 'concept' watches out there that do this, but nothing i've been able to find that is in actual production (ok aside from the dot matrix version here, but it's WAY too bulky for my liking :s )

In an unsurprising move i'm probably being too picky to be able to select something to buy this side of christmas it seems, but i'll keep looking until i find something that screams 'you want me!'. After all, why settle when i've gone a decade without a watch so far?!

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