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Surprise phonecall - fiendishrogue
April 11th, 2008
02:26 pm


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Surprise phonecall
Well that was completely out of the blue. A chap I used to work with just called me to say one of his new clients is a playing cards manufacturer who is just building a new website. Apparently the company provided the decks for the Casino Royale merchandise, but i've yet to take a look at it so can't confirm that yet. Anyway, he wants a section on the site of his products being used to perform card tricks, and my old workmate showed this chap my Youtube vids. He was apparently impressed enough that he wants to go ahead and hire me to do his website vids for him. I was stunned!

So now eagerly awaiting the contact details so I can take a look at the company in question. I'm a little rusty so this is probably a good time to start practising regularly again. Hopefully this will aid project 'write more' rather than torpedo it, as i'll have more things to write about, even if I technically have less time to write in. I have to get in to the habit of leaving my posts up, even if I don;t thikn they are interesting enough to remain public. I have this over-eager editor sat in my head that gets dissatisfied with everything I write if I re-read it too many times. My journal would be much longer if I just left it alone!

Must go hunting for more lj icons. My favourite x-man being (of course) Gambit, I'd like to find something card-related from him I think, Google here I come :)

For now that's an excellent end to quite a good week :D

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