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Riders on the storm - fiendishrogue
April 11th, 2008
08:33 am


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Riders on the storm
So how is my 'write 3 times a week' coming? Urm, well this is entry 2, because i'm going to count my entry to asoiaf_stamp because it took so long to type and did involve some thinking! I've written some more notes for the asoiaf_exchange but don't consider that enough really, as I haven't produced content yet, just planned it.

Subject? I forgot how much I liked The Doors until something on the radio last night (I listen whilst doing the washing up) reminded me of Riders on the storm. So I booted up Youtube (invaluable when you just *have* to listen to a song stuck in your head) and had a good listen. Unbelievably I've yet to buy a single track online using iTunes or anything, but it did make me think I should. My first reaction was 'hmm, where do I find a best of? Or should I start to build a collection of all their albums? Am I really that in to them? Ooh look something else shiny on the internet!'. I ended up playing a game instead of worrying about it any more.

Also watched Gladiator again last night. It never fails to get an emotional reaction from me. I always hate Commodus, I always pity Lucilla yet also despise her for being so weak in the beginning. It's probably unfair of me to do so given the lack of power women had in that culture, it was hardly as if she could have challenged her brother and she really did all she could to help Maximus. Ah Maximus, this is the first time I have watched this film since my daughter was born, and wow, certain scenes had so much more of an impact.

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